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Japan Cash Machine Co.,Ltd. was established in 1955 for the sales and repair of domestically produced mechanical cash registers. Since we began manufacturing these machines in 1957,we have concentrated on developing manufacturing and marketing of a wide range of labor-saving currency processing machines, such as machinery for identifying and sorting coins and bills, cash transaction machines, counting machines and cash security machines. In recent years, the trend towards shorter working hours and the rationalization of business operations has boosted demand for our products, resulting in a steady in company sales.

We consider it our mission to continue to supply rationalizing and labor-saving machinery for the distribution and financial industries based on reasonable prices and high reliability. Meeting client needs and closely following market trends, we are committed to actively contributing to the development of economy by providing top quality products at competitive prices through market-oriented business and manufacture with high priority to quality.

Koichiro Kamihigashi, President
Товары JCM
 Купюроприемник JCM DBV 300

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 Japan Cash Machine
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